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... the country and the people

"If you one day will get a chance to travel to Norway, so do not hazitate to do it, because Norway is a wonderful country. There is all you can imagine: Mountains, lakes, the sea, woods..." My mother was given that advice by her father many years ago. He knew what about he was talking, because he had been in Norway during the Second World War for a longer period.

For a long time I didn't understand this advice. I was dreaming about palms, savannes, elephants... that means I was dreaming about Africa. When I have been 16 years old I have had liked to move to Africa if it would have been possible.

In 1997 I was in Norway for the first time. Immediately I could understand my grand fathers advice: The fjords, the mountains, the green forests - the whole landscape was undescribably beautiful. And in this landscape there are these nice coloured houses.

But it's not only the landscape, it's the behaviour of the landscape to look every day different: When it's raining, when the sun is shining, if it is covered with snow... In Norway you can find the nature in its originally way.

The night comes in Norway

In Norway there are also many things which are different compared with the middle part of Europe: All distances are long in Norway. Nethertheless, the tempo limit is set on 80 km per hour on the most of the roads there. By travelling on the roads in Norway it is possible to be quiet and to relax. Especially after passing Trondheim on the tour into the north of the country the roads are nearly empty. I beleave that Northern Norway is one of the last paradises in this world.

In Germany all things should be perfect: Things have to look very good and to own a first class qualitiy, the order has to be absolute... In Norway it is a little bit different: It is not as improtant how anything is looking so long it is operating. I beleave that this is a very practical way of life.

In Norway the familiy is very important. If you see Norwegian houses or flats you will find very big sitting rooms connected with the kitchens. The whole life is taking place in these areas. The other rooms are not so big and not so important. There are used in order to sleep. The real life is happening in the sitting rooms.

Why does I know this idyllic place? This is a long history. I hope that you'll find this history here one day. But it can take a long time to write the history down, because ... it's a long history.

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