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The begin

I cannot remember how long before it has been when I started to love the piano of my grand parents. It has been when I was a little boy. Always if I visited my grand parents I tried to play a little bit on the piano. I'm sure this sound was horrible.

My mother could play the piano very good. One song I liked very much. The name of this song is "Elfengesang" ("elves' canto"). It was composed by Oskar Gassmann (surely unknown today). Always if I listened to this song it gave me the creeps. Already in this time I knew that I would like to be able to play the piano in the same way one day.

Already in this time I have had a little piano for children. It had only white keys and to octaves. But it has been better than nothing. Later I got a little bigger one which had some more tunes and also black keys.

I'd always like it to listen to the music. I often tried to play melodies I liked on the piano. More and more I succeeded to do it. Because m father have had a very good knowledge in harmonics and was able to explain excellent in addition I also learned how to accompany the songs with the left hand.

When I came in the school I die wish t have a real piano more and more. "O Jesus! How can it operate? How to get a piano in an new build house where 32 families are living in and besides this into the fourth floor? It's impossible!" My parents did like my idea not at all.

When I have been in school in form one a teacher from the public music school was visiting our class during a music lesson. He wanted to get us interested in learning to play an instrument in his music school. Most of my class mates which had been interested wanted to learn playing the violin or the flute. I wanted anything other: I wanted to learn playing the piano like my parents had also learned it many years ago.


The piano lessons

I didn't gave up. I didn't stop to ask my parents about getting a chance to learn to play the piano. And so it came that we went to the public music school one day in order to inform us. The female piano teacher having been there was looking at my fingers and said to my parents: "The fingers are much too long. For playing the piano his fingers should be shorter. Why don't you let your son learn to play the violin?" She did not have had the idea to ask me what I want. I believe that the antipathy I felt for her came from both sides. One thing was clear: The public music school was no possibility for me o learn playing the piano.

Giving up? Nether! We went to ask the old piano teacher my father got his lessons many years ago. He was giving private lessons having been about to times more expensive than the lessons at the public music school. But he was a very sympatical person. And in addition he wanted to give me lessons.

Only one question remained: "Do we really need a big piano? Or is it possible to practice at the children's piano?" We received a clear answer: t the children's piano the keys are smaller. Besides this it hasn't a pedal. In order to learn playing the piano a real piano is needed.

All right, there was no other possibility. But there was another question: How to get a real piano? Where is a place for the piano in our flat? Men a solution can be found for all if you really want it. One day a very nice piano produced by the company Thümer from Meißen was standing in my room. Before it my room have had been small. After this it has been extraordinarily small. But the most important thing has been that a piano was standing there.

Also today I'm still liking to play at my Thürmer-piano

When I came into form three in school I started my piano lessons using the legendary study book "Klavierschule von Erika und Christa Holzweißig".

At the first time I was practising very intensive. I couldn't get enough. I was happy about every song I could play. But some years after I playd all my favourite songs I heard on the radio. It was very nice to do it. I'm sure it has been a difficult time for my piano teacher. "How use are using your fingers on the keys I'm afraid you can break them", he did often say. Fortunately it never came so far. Nethertheless I went to my piano lessons till the end of the 11th form.


 The self composed songs

It happened in 1978 when I fell in love for the first time. But she went to another school and did feel that I had no chance. I wanted to tell it my piano but I didn't know how to do it. It took me some years more to find out it.

It was in 1981 my parents and I travelled o Bulgaria after my ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status (in German: Jugenweihe). In our travelling group had been a very nice girl. She was so very nice and I couldn't think about anything other than her the whole time there. But it was difficult, hopeless... She travelled with her parents, I travelled with my parents - a really bad situation. After the journey we went home. We have spoken no word together. There was no chance that we'll meet each other once more. I hoped to find her on one of these many pictures my father had taken. She has been at no photography. But I didn't want to forget her. Something must remain.

But suddenly, about one month later on a bicycle tour together with my father I have had a melody in my head. This melody was absolutely according to this that I felt in Bulgaria. The resulting song is a slow waltz, too long and a really schmaltzy song. It was not so very difficult to write a suitable text for this melody. But by the end I reached my aim. Today I can't remember how she was looking. But I never forgot her and these feelings which I have had in Bulgaria.

Later I composed many other songs. For all are interested to read a little sample I've chosen a little collection of my texts in English and in German.


Music as a profession?

I have often been asked why I'm not a professional musician. Of course, I have had also this idea. But at the time when I had to chose my profession I felt that the daily life and the routine would destroy the magic of the music. And so I decided:

The music is a very nice hobby. And it should it be also in future!

(But of course I can change my mind one day...)